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Region 3 Shines at Editors Award Banquet

Article by Pete Wright Region 3 EBM

OPSEU’s 2009 Editors Conference was held on the weekend of Oct 23, 24,25 th. Editors from across the province gathered in Toronto to take a variety of workshops relating to newsletters and websites. Teaching editors how to edit, writing to convince, social networking, speech writing and running a campaign were a few of the workshops members were encouraged to participate it in.

Sister Nancy Pridham, RVP Region 5 welcomed the participants to Toronto for a weekend of learning and camaraderie. Sister Pridham spoke of the Provincial deficit and the effect it will have a Public Services in Ontario. She informed members the skills they learn this weekend will be vital in the anticipated attack on Public Services.

Saturday evening, participants enjoyed the awards banquet, where a number of awards were presented by independent judges. Region 3 again took home numerous awards.

Congratulations to the following Locals:

REGION 3 DESIGN AWARDSBest original photo
Category C (Honourable Mention) – United Times, Local 331

Best original illustration
Category C – North of Seven, Local 368

Best website design
Category C –, Local 330

Best design
Category C (Honourable Mention) – North of Seven, Local 368


Best bargaining communication
Category C – Strike Preparation, Local 368

Rookie of the Year
Category C – United times, Local 331

On Sunday afternoon, elections were held for the In Solidarity Committee for a two year term, after successful elections Region 3 will again be well represented on In Solidarity.

Sister Karrie Ouchas, Local 340 and Sister Laurie Sabourin, Local 368 were re-elected to the In Solidarity Committee..congratulations Sisters!

In Solidarity

Pete Wright


Region 3

President Thomas visits Local 338

Local 338 Gets Creative

On Oct 28th President Smokey Thomas spoke to a packed General Membership Meeting of local 338 in Barrie. Brother Thomas congratulated the Executive for all the work they have done within the local. He spoke to the members about the Provincial deficit and what impact this will have on the future of Public Services in the Province.

President Thomas answered member’s questions as well as shared with the members on how he received his nickname “Smokey”

Sister Lesley Chislhom, Region 3 Census mobilizer presented to the membership, information regarding the current “Count Me In” OPSEU Census campaign.

November is Census month and all members are encouraged to link onto to fill out this very important census, it will only take 15 minutes and is strictly confidential.

Local 338 trustee Jennifer Spencer showed off her artistic abilities by carving an OPSEU pumpkin to decorate the refreshment table.

Congratulations to Sister Beth Murphy, Sister Barb Ritchie, Sister Diane Logsdail, and Sister Suzanne Arsenau who were all re-elected as Local 338 Executive.Local 338 gets creative October 09 120

Count Yourself In

OPSEUCount_600pxClick here for more information

We are writing to you to ask for your help with an extraordinary project – the OPSEU Census.This is the first phase of a “Social Mapping Project” (a full membership and staff census) and it will take place during the month of November.
What is the OPSEU census?

The census is an attempt to capture a “snapshot” or “count” of the membership and staff of OPSEU

The census is voluntary, confidential and anonymous

The decision to conduct the census was taken at the 2008 Convention and originated from the Workers of Colour CaucusThe census was designed by external independent consultants – TWI Inc. No one, including the consultants, will ever know who filled out the census and the data will only be reported back to OPSEU in a manner that makes identification of any individual impossible.The census, as well as the systems review which forms Phase II of the project, aims to map out the issues, needs and identities of our membership. This information will help us identify barriers and increase participation for our members and staff.

If you think the Union can serve you better as a member – here’s your chance to stand up and get counted.
What do you need to do? Three things:
  1. Spread the word about the census
  2. Fill out a census questionnaire
  3. Encourage your friends and colleagues at work to do the same
The more census responses received, the clearer the membership picture becomes.
Please visit the website at for more information.
Please join us in saying “Count Me In” in November. Together we can make this important project the success it needs to be.