No respect for the Badge

By Kim King Steward  OPSEU Local 302

The new Durham Consolidated Courthouse at 150 Bond Street  in Oshawa had its  opening day on Feb 8th.  Although it may be the new home for Justice in Durham Region, it is not a welcoming place for  Probation Officers.

At the any other Court in the Province of Ontario, Probation Officers need only show their badge and photo ID to enter the Court building.    Probation Officers  are now being told by the Durham Regional Police  security screeners that it is not good enough, and that Probation Officers must be subjected to the full search protocol even though they have  presented their badge and photo ID . In effect, as designated Peace Officers of the Province and Officers  of the Criminal Courts , Probation Officers  are being restricted by a municipal Police Force in gaining access to our own provincial government building.

What makes this story even more absurd? The employees of the on-site Tim Hortons are able to show their ID and enter the Durham Consolidated Court House without going through the security screening.  Perhaps the special relationship between Police Officers and Tim Hortons is more than just a myth.

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