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Sisters of Region 3

2 things to share from the PWC perspective this month.  Important things!

The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care is Ontario’s advocacy group for high quality, affordable child care.  Recent news from the OCBCC is not good.
In 2006, the McGuinty government accepted a one time federal payment, spread it over 4 years and included that funding in Ontario’s core child care budget.  the money is now gone, all used up.  It is the responsibility of the provinces to fund child care, and without further funding, communities across Ontario are going to be out of options because they’ll be out of money.  this spells dramatic and perhaps for some, catastrophic cuts to child care subsidies.  Full fee or subsidized families will all be affected.

Please take a minute, take action and send an email message to Premier McGuinty to “Stop the Cuts to Child Care in 2010”.
You may send your message through:

The other thing is, making our communities better places.  A report from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2004 said this:
“Municipalities need the skills, resources, knowledge and collaborative approach women bring to decision making in their communities.”
No kidding.  Increasing women’s participation in municipal decision making can only be a good thing.

We need to think about this and how we put more women on local school boards and municipal councils.  Women who are active in their unions and in their community have the skills to be a municipal councillor or a local school board trustee.
so, put your thinking cap on and consider the opportunities that exist in your community and if you  (or a woman you know in your local and your community) has what it takes to be an excellent municipal councillor or school trustee.

The Canadian Labour Congress will be holding training sessions for candidates across the province in April, May and June.  You can get more details at  if you are interested.  Another good place to go for information on municipal involvement is your local labour council.

Let’s make a difference in our small corner of the world.

In sisterhood and solidarity,


PWC Region 3

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