Winner of the 2010 Leah Casselman Award for an Individual

Helena WhaleHelena Whale

In the summer of 2009, Helena Whale (Local 310), a student working for the Ministry of Natural Resources, exemplified what one voice can do to make a change. She spearheaded a campaign against the McGuinty government about discrimination pay issues for students working in the Ontario Public Service (OPS). Specifically, her employer was trying to shirk their responsibilities to pay student holiday pay.
Sister Whale mobilized students from her park to bring awareness of the situation. Through her determination, communication and hard work, the campaign spread throughout all provincial parks.

A true inspiration, Sister Whale recognized that something was wrong and had to be done, regardless if she is a young worker and a student showing the true heart of an activist. OPSEU was there to support her and rally behind students across the province for fairness.
We wish her well with her future endeavours and know that, wherever she works, she will continue the fight for fairness for all workers. Region 3 is proud of her accomplishment.

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