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A Message from the PWC and Sister Dora Robinson on the G20/G8

OPSEU is encouraging its members to participate in upcoming G20/G8 events.  complete information is available on the OPSEU website via the link here:

Additionally, our Sisters on the OPSEU Executive Board are organizing an action (thank you sisters!) around the G8/G20 on June 26th.  As you know there will be a rally and march.  Women are to be at the front of the march to demonstrate against Harper’s position on reproductive rights/maternal health.   Your Board Sisters have arranged for the ordering of black aprons (black to illustrate the mourning of the loss of rights)-on the aprons will be the slogan “We won’t shut the f@#k up!” (in response to Nancy Ruth’s disgusting comments). Underneath the writing will be a coat hanger.  We will also have magnets with the same message/design that we can hand out along the route.

(For those of you unaware, Nancy Ruth is a Canadian, Conservative Senator in Ottawa whose “strategic” advice comments to maternal health advocates in early May included the comment that they should just “Shut the —- up.”  this advice was poorly received to say the least…..Canada has taken a hard-right stand against abortion in foreign aid.)

OPSEU has also arranged for billboards and transit shelter adverts during the summit, “A  Better World is Possible” and “People Need Good Jobs…All Around the World“.  Copies for posting can be downloaded from the OPSEU website.

there was an open forum held on Saturday June 19th and the march and Rally on Saturday June 26th   .Time: 1:00 p.m.Place: Queen’s Park – Toronto

I encourage any Region 3 women and their friends and family to attend the march on the 26th, join hands with women around the world and wear an OSPEU apron with pride and hand out magnets and share the message of social justice and that a better world is possible.  This is OPSEU in action.

In solidarity and spirit, dora PWC Region 3

Peterborough Rally Thursday 17 June 2010

Community Rally


These are your hospital services – the medium is here to voice your concern over hospital cuts.
Community leaders cannot do this alone – your participation is significant.

Peterborough Health Coalition



THURSDAY,  June 17, 2010 5 p.m.

At Millenium Park (south end of Water St.)

Rally-followed by a (peaceful) march along downtown sidewalks,stopping at MPP office

Contacts:  745-2446, 742-4826, 742-5326