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Doris Middleton Retirement Party ____________________Saturday September 11, 2010, 5:30 pm


Forget the black tie, it’s no formal affair.
Just come as you are for that casual flair.
We’ll drink and laugh as we all reminisce;
It’s a gathering for a friend that will surely be missed.

We invite you to celebrate the retirement
of our dear friend, Doris Middleton.

Saturday September 11, 2010, 5:30 pm
at the Mariposa Inn- Grand Ballroom, 400 Memorial Avenue, Orillia, ON

Contact Elfie Vivian at (705) 329-6010 ext 221 or Terri-Dawn Craig at (705) 326-2671

Tickets $50 (includes gift). Please make cheques payable to Elfie Vivian at Orillia Probation/Parole

Includes spectacular buffet with cash bar

A limited number of rooms will be held at the Best Western Couchiching Inn until Aug 21/2010. Contact 1 888 869 2506



Regional Report Summer 2010

Regional Report summer 2010

Regional Report – June 2010

Hello Sisters and Brothers – HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! Once again summer is upon us and the region 3 executive board wants to update you on activities you’ll all be interested in.
HST: one of the biggest conversations these day and shame on Mr. McGuinty for not only enacting it but introducing it on a day when we should be proud to be Canadian. As a result of the HST Local 340 lost a good many members. We know that the local executive worked diligently and due to their efforts, many were able to find jobs in the federal government and others exercising other options. They will be missed in the region.
May 14th Liberal Protest – was a fantastic event. Region 3 arrived on mass loud and proud and was enthusiastically greeted by other region 3 activists and hundreds of members from across the province. Thank you to region 2 for hosting the event and providing a great parking lot BBQ.
Keep ears and eyes open for the next Liberal Protest taking place in Region 3 July 29th in Bond Head. Daulton McGuinty is holding his own fundraiser Golf Tournament and we plan to be there from all over the regions. Your regional Mobilizers will be contacting you shortly to discuss details of the next Liberal Protest and rally support and get our members out in grand numbers.
Convention – As most of you know, convention 2010 was once again a success. We passed the 2010 operating budget, as well as a motion to continue with Phase 2 of the Social Mapping Project, Delegates voted down 3 year terms for all elected positions and chose not to consider full time book-off’s for your executive board.
A fantastic rally was held at Liberal Madeleine Meilleurs cocktail fundraiser and what a great march to demand that the Ministry of Labor “OPEN THE BOXES” and have our part-time college workers join a union!
We’d also like to thanks to Lesley Chisholm L330 and the Orillia A.C. for donations to Live and Let Live Silent Auction.
Video contest – Congratulations to Kim King, George Fogarsi and Kaitlin Stocco for their entries in OPSEU’s first annual Video contest. It was a huge success and truly highlights the talent we have, not only in region 3 but also across OPSEU.
NUPGE Conference – June 2010, Vancouver
The NUPGE Convention was also a great success. Government and Public Service workers from across the country gathered and passed motions addressing issues of Life-work balance, public health care and education as well as anti-privatization of our liquor boards, hydro and the OLG. Right’s around women’s issues were highlighted as all women attending the conference got to the mic’s and spoke to the needs for benefits, pensions, family support programs and accessibility to health and education for their children.
OPSEU was well represented at the mic’s on all these issues and more. The British Columbia Government Employees Union (BCGEU) was a terrific host and organized a well attended conference.
LCBO – with the talks looming ever closer around the selling off of our corporate assets, OPSEU organized a rally at York University Wednesday June 23rd. Many members from the LCBO, it’s DivEX as well as members from the Energy workers union protested the event where the cabinet Ministers were meeting to discuss the New ‘SUPERCORP’ – OPSEU says “SUPERSCAM”!
McGuinty is considering selling off 20% of these provincially owed assets figuring 20% was a heck of a lot more palatable to the community shareholders than lets say…all of it! Since profits from the LCBO go towards healthcare and education as well as other community programs, selling off even a portion of these resources will only serve to further bring down an already underfunded healthcare system and make access to education even harder. SHAME!
Hospital Sector: Speaking of Healthcare – Local 345 and 373 are continuing the protest against the Peterborough Peer Review. The Ontario Health coalition published a critique on the Peer Review Report and recommendations from the Peterborough Hospital for their Hospital Improvement Plan. The report shows that the Peterborough Hospital was faulty in their comparators, faulty in their data gathering process and faulty in their overall findings as a result of all this faulty data and process and inadequate everything.
Local 344 and the Northumberland Hospital protest did show some success. They were able to gain back some of the bed closures, but the community fears the diabetic clinic is lost.
Many hospitals across the region and province constantly have to fight against bed closures, lab cuts and closures and the loss of jobs whose services are desperately needed by the community. Please join any and all hospital protests within your communities. The cuts and closures have got to stop!
Picnic: The last two Region 3 Family Picnic’s have been a great success and this year will prove no different. Mark your Calendars for August 21, 2010 being held again at Emily Park. Brother Peter Wright will be co-coordinating this event. If your local wishes to support and attend this event, please contact Brother Pete at as soon as possible. There will be prizes entertainment and a BBQ. Donations are most welcome and can also be sent to Pete.
Region 3 Holiday party: We will be holding our 2nd annual Holiday festivities at the Mariposa Best Western Inn in Orillia December 11, 2010. Keep looking for more updates.


During the week of September 24-25, 2010 – Stewardship 1 & 2 will be offered and finally November 27-28, 2010 – will be our last Regional Educational for 2010. All weekends will be held at the Delta Grandview in Huntsville.
Region 3 T-Shirts – If your local is interested in purchasing Region 3 T-Shirts, please contact Bill Henry at Cost of the T-shirts is $12.
Retirement – We’d like to wish the following members and staff the best in their next adventure – retirement!! You’ve all contributed so much to the region and the labour movement. The many cards, events and good wishes are a small testament to the dedication and hard work appreciated by all.
Dave Duncan, Pres L350 Peter Dashfield, Staff Rep, Peterborough Doris Middleton, past EBM, Pres L314 Rick Neimitz, Pres L353 Rhonda Watt, Pres L311

Dates to Remember:
July 29, 2010 – Liberal Fundraiser Protest – Bond Head

August 21, 2010 – region 3 annual family Picnic

September 24-25, 2010 – Stewardship 1 & 2 educational

November 27-28, 2010 – regional educational

December 11, 2010 – Holiday dinner and dance
Executive board summer Vacation dates: the region 3 executive board will be taking the following time off for vacation:
Pete Wright: July 12th – 21st Claire Rowett: July 2nd – 30th
Region 3 Website: – don’t forget to send articles and pictures of your local events and activities. To have anything posted on the region 3 site, please contact Pete Wright for approval. The region would love to hear about what’s going on in your neck of the woods.
REMINDER: Please sisters and brothers, DO NOT use your work email to communicate union business. The executive board cannot reply to business email addresses and run the risk of getting the members in trouble. If you need to communicate with the board, or your members regarding OPSEU and local issues, please use a personal or alternative email address.
We can be reached at:
Pete Wright: 1-705-741-8349
Patty Rout: 1-416-443-8888
Claire Rowett: 1-905-375-7368
Brothers and sisters, have yourselves an amazing summer a fantastic CANADA DAY. Play safe!
Keep informed, stay connected and remember that together we can achieve the extraordinary.
In sol, Your region 3 Executive Board