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Do you envision a world in which all workers have time and resources to care for themselves and their families?

LEARN –Labor Education & Resource Network

We have some fabulous resources available to us as union members, working parents and grandparents who want to advocate for family-friendly workplaces and don’t know where to start.

You may register free of charge at or to join this free online resource network that includes a database of contract language on family/work issues. Although “LEARN” is the outreach of the Labor Project for Working Families and based out of Berkeley, California, much of the information is valuable in Canadian workplaces and most certainly, the 3 core values fundamental to the Labor Project would reflect our own union’s position on work and family.

  1. Respecting Caregiver Diversity-where caregivers are valued and broad definitions of family are recognized.
  2. Building Solidarity-where it is understood that we must work towards building powerful solidarity between unions, community and advocacy groups and that unions play a pivotal role in advancing family-friendly policies that promote the economic security and good health of our working families.
  3. Placing Value on Innovation-that thinking big is important in finding innovative and new solutions for complex problems.

We have far to go in realizing family-friendly workplaces. In between bargaining contracts, we need to be talking to one another about the importance of contract language that can improve workplace policies on family leave, child care and elder care, flex work options, adoption benefits (paid or unpaid job-protected leave for example), even sick leave policies that are anti-worker and anti-family. Think of what is possible.

In solidarity,


PWC Region 3