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Investing in Women& Girls


This brief video was released earlier this summer just prior to the International Trade Union Confederation conference in Vancouver and is connected with their work with a fund called the MDG3 which is financing 45 activities to improve equality and rights for women and girls worldwide.

This is a good video, but it misses out on the larger context of why women in developing countries are disempowered to begin with and how policies developed in our own part of the world have contributed to creating conditions of poverty and exploitation.

As Canadian women, we need to remind ourselves that we are all connected and that unless we work towards the long term economic and social good of all women on the global horizon, they will not see any meaningful change.

To view this excellent short film, click on the link.


in solidarity,

dora PWC Region 3

Sisters in Spirit Vigil


We’re coming up quickly to Monday October 4th when across Canada, we will honour and remember murdered and missing Aboriginal Women and their families in the Fifth Annual SISTERS IN SPIRIT vigil.

For further information, please visit our National Union website at the link provided:


Alternately, you may visit the Native Women’s Association of Canada website for more info: http://www.nwac.ca/2010-sisters-spirit-vigils

In Region 3, the vigil will be held this year at the Georgina Island First Nations Community Centre on Georgina Island from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm.

For those interested in attending a vigil in Toronto as you may work in the city but live in Region 3, there will be a vigil held at Allan Gardens at 7 pm


on Thursday September 30th, there will be an all-day vigil held at Queen’s Park.

Dora Robinson

PWC Region 3