Sisters in Spirit Vigil


We’re coming up quickly to Monday October 4th when across Canada, we will honour and remember murdered and missing Aboriginal Women and their families in the Fifth Annual SISTERS IN SPIRIT vigil.

For further information, please visit our National Union website at the link provided:

Alternately, you may visit the Native Women’s Association of Canada website for more info:

In Region 3, the vigil will be held this year at the Georgina Island First Nations Community Centre on Georgina Island from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm.

For those interested in attending a vigil in Toronto as you may work in the city but live in Region 3, there will be a vigil held at Allan Gardens at 7 pm


on Thursday September 30th, there will be an all-day vigil held at Queen’s Park.

Dora Robinson

PWC Region 3

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