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Activists of Region 3 gather to map a strategy

“On October 27th & 28th Region 3 local presidents met in Orillia to hear about the effects of the Liberal government wage freeze will have on the OPSEU members. President Smokey Thomas started the information session off on Wednesday evening outlining the history of the consultation process and bringing the members up to date. On Thursday the local president’s heard from Randy Robinson, Political Analysts about the economic climate in Ontario and assisted members in calculating the amount of money they would loose if the government was successful in implementing wage freezes. Astoundingly, the group on members at the session would loose $408,000 in five years. In total the wage freeze would save the government an estimated $18.4 billion at the same time as the Liberals give corporate tax cuts costing the Government almost $24 billion. Money from working peoples pockets, money from our pockets, directly in to the hands of huge corporations. 

Wage freeze calculator can be found on the OPSEU website  under the STOPTHEWAGEFREEZE link (also available on the Region 3 website). Members can calculate the impact the wage freeze will have on them and simply email a letter to your MPP outlining your concerns about the wage freeze and corporate tax cuts.

Brenda Wall, OPSEU, Campaigns officer then outlined the OPSEU “Invest in Ontario” campaign that will be happening very soon. Regional mobilizers will begin training on November 1st. They will continue to educate the members on the wage freeze will have on each and every OPSEU member and will lobby Liberal MPP’s outlining our concerns.

Please a stay tuned for events in your area and join us in the fight to stop the WAGE FREEZE!!”

News From the Region

On October 22/10 the Peterborough & District Labour council hosted their annual banquet and labour appreciation night. One hundred activists from the Peterborough area attended listening to key note speakers Jennifer Rowel a Peterborough resident living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan assisting with women’s rights, as well as Sid Ryan, President of the OFL.

Congratulations to OPSEU members Judith Richardson, local 345 who received the Labour Council Labour Media Award and Sister Marion Burton, local 345 Long-Term Service Award for 25 years of service to the Labour Council.

In Solidarity
Pete Wright

Stop the Wage Freeze

“Have you made your donation to corporate profits yet?”

Understanding the McGuinty wage freeze

“Every single dollar OPSEU members give up through the wage freeze will go to the profits of companies like the Royal Bank of Canada, Rogers, and Imperial Oil”

Premier Dalton McGuinty wants more than one million hardworking Ontarians to accept a two-year wage freeze. When fully phased in, this freeze would save the government $1.8 billion a year. At the same time, though, the government is bringing in $2.4 billion a year in new corporate income tax cuts. In other words, every single dollar provincial public employees give up will go straight to the profits of companies like the Royal Bank of Canada, Rogers, and Imperial Oil.

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

This web site is designed to help you learn more about the McGuinty wage freeze and what you can do about it. First, read our brochure, “Have you made your donation to corporate profits yet?” Then calculate how much you stand to lose from the wage freeze. Then let your MPP know what you think. And be sure to keep up with campaign news by clicking on the “News and events” tab.

We all know Ontario faces many challenges, and OPSEU members are always ready to talk about ways to protect services and save jobs. But there’s just no reason why lab technologists, for example, or workplace safety inspectors should donate part of their wages to pad corporate profits and boost CEO bonuses. If the McGuinty government is serious about protecting public services, saving jobs, and paying down the deficit, it should do the smart thing and cancel the corporate tax cuts. That’s our message to the Premier, his ministers, and every MPP.

Link to the Stop the Wage website

If    the Government plan goes through, this is how much these 41 people will loose over a 5 year period.

Region 3 Presidents Conference *** 27-28 October 2010 ***

To: All Region 3 Local Presidents, or designee

Regional Presidents’ Conference on the Politics and Economic Times Facing Our Union and Communities

Dates: Wednesday October 27th and Thursday October 28, 2010

Place: Bayview-Wildwood Resort

1500 Port Stanton Parkway, Port Stanton (Severn Bridge area), ON P0E 1N0

Phone: 800-461-0243 or 705-689-2338 Fax: 705-689-8042

Please join your Executive Board Members, Claire Rowett, Pete Wright and Patty Rout at a Regional Presidents’ Conference about our economy and the political decisions shaping our work and the public services we provide in our communities. The conference is part of a province-wide series to have indepth discussion about the government’s decision to cut wages in its deficit reduction scheme.

President Warren (Smokey) Thomas will join us on Wednesday evening, October 26th to provide an update on the government’s policy and the union’s position and action on the wage cuts. Thursday will include a full presentation on economic research, public opinion polling and provide a chance for leaders to talk about the cuts with key facts and arguments opposing the restraint policy.

Region 3 Presidents’ Conference –

Download the full details here