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During a new stewards training members from Local 313 utilized the wage calculator to determine how the McGuinty wage freeze will effect them. In five years these members who provide valuable public service dispatching emergency vehicles will loose $86,000. Premier McGuinty claims he needs the members money to help pay off the deficit, during the same five years the McGuinty government will continue to give corporation huge tax cuts! If the premier was truly interested in paying off the deficit he would cancel the corporate tax cuts that cost the Government 2.4 billion dollars!

If you want to know how the wage freeze will affect your pay go to and use the wage calculator. It is easy to use and just takes a few minutes. After you realize that the wage freeze is in fact a wage cut to you and your family, you can send a message directly to your MPP, just add on your information and the message will automatically be sent!

If you would like one of our Region 3 “Invest in Ontario” mobilizers to attend your local meeting, set up and lunch & learn or just come and speak with your members about the wage freeze feel free to contact them.

It is time for all members to ADD IT UP, TALK IT UP!!

Stacey Tomblin
Ken Hord        
Cindy Hayes-Wright

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