December 3rd. “Invest in Ontario”

On Dec 3rd “Invest in Ontario” mobilzers and members held information pickets throughout our Region. Information pickets in Peterborough, Lindsay (click the link for video)

and Oshawa helped us spread the word…..Corporate tax cuts need to stop and McGuinty must invest in Public services!!

Local media assisted us in getting our message out. Members of the communities were quite receptive to our message, agreeing that corporate tax cuts do nothing to help our communities, however, investing $2.4 billion into education, healthcare, children services to name a few will give us the type of society we all strive for.

You can calculate your wage lose at and send a message to your MPP!

Thanks go out to our Region 3 “Invest in Ontario” mobilizers.

Ken Hord              
Cindy Hayes-Wright
Stacey Tomblin   

Although, Dec 3rd was a huge success, we must continue to inform our members on this important issue.

If you would like any of these mobilizers to speak to your members at a GMM, lunch &learn or just drop by to inform them that corporate tax cuts and public service wage freeze is not the way for the Government to work its way out of the recession, please do not hesitate to contact them.

In Solidarity
Pete Wright

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