Region 3 Elections

Left to Right              Gord Longhi (EBM elect) , Sara Labelle(EBM elect), Pete Wright EBM (Region 3 Vice President elect)

Members of the new OPSEU Executive Board, the three provincial equity committees members and their alternates were elected at regional meetings held the Delta East Hotel in Scarborough. Executive Board will be sworn into office on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at the close of the annual OPSEU Convention in Toronto.  They will serve a two-year term ending April, 2013

Executive Board Members

Peter Wright, L.368 – RVP

Sara Labelle, L. 348 – Alt. RVP

Gord Longhi, L. 338 – EBM

Stacey Tomblin, L. 309 – Alt. EBM

Provincial Human Rights Committee

Dave McCarl, L. 330 – Delegate
Wade Stevenson, L. 329 – Alternate

Provincial Women’s Committee

Dora Robinson, L. 376 – Delegate
Melissa Barker, L. 362 – Alternate

Provincial Young Workers Committee

Sean Platt , L. 337 – Delegate
Chris Hainey, L. 340 – Alternate

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