Who is going to the OFL Convention 20-25 November 2011?

Listed below are the results of the election for the Delegates to attend the OFL Convention in Toronto, Ontario on November 20 to 25, 2011. Please note that alternates attend only if they are replacing a delegate.

A confirmation letter will be sent out advising of your status.  As stated in the letter, the Convention office at OPSEU Head Office will be sending out a package of information regarding this convention at a later date.

Thank you patience and if you have any questions please give me a call.

Delegates Local Rank Alternates Local Rank
Patty Rout 348 1st Reene Madden 344 1st
Claire Rowett 362 2nd Vince Gobind 311 2nd
Cindy Hayes-Wright 308 3rd Elaine Arts 328 3rd
Derek Bailey 362 4th Leanne Weatherill 311 4th
Dan Murphy 368 5th Melissa O’Neill 368 5th
Roxanne Barnes 308 6th Karen Preston 331 6th
Betty Cree 351 7th Denis Davis 378 7th
Ken Hord 310 8th Sean Dunn 368 8th
Tim Hannah 308 9th Kim Tersigni 376 9th
Terry Heittola 350 10th Cindy Eagle 320 10th
Silvanna Petersen 330 11th 11th
Lesley Chisholm 330 12th 12th
Glenna Caldwell 302 13th 13th
Susan Lusty 376 14th 14th
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