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Looking for an OPT Union Trustee

MEMO TO:      All Local Presidents with members in the
OPSEU Pension Trust

FROM:            Shirley McVittie, Senior Benefits Counsellor

DATE:             July 12, 2011

RE:                  OPT Union Trustee

The Pension Liaison Committee invites you or someone you know to get involved with the OPSEU Pension Trust, by applying to be a Trustee.

We require your assistance in helping us to find suitable candidates for the position of Union Trustee.

With the challenges facing defined benefit pension plans, we need people who have a firm and deep commitment to the labour movement and Union principles, as well as an understanding of pension plans, Trustee responsibilities and the legal framework surrounding pensions.

Who should apply?

Individuals with:
an understanding of OPSEU’s belief’s and Policies;
a well-articulated view of where workers sit in relation to the management and investment of capital;
a demonstrated ability to read, research and formulate positions clearly;
an ability to articulate positions at caucus, committee and full Trustee Meetings;
an ability to prepare written papers based on Union foundations/positions;
an ability to defend positions against management opposition; and
a commitment of ‘time’ to your Union

If you or someone you know would be interested in applying for this exciting position as a Union Trustee, please forward your name, contact information and place of employment and resume no later than August 12, 2011 to:

Joycelyn Martyn
100 Lesmill Road
Membership Benefits Unit
Toronto ON M3B 3P8

Applications must be received by August 12, 2011. A written test will be required and candidates will be selected for an interview.

In Solidarity,

Shirley McVittie, Senior Benefits Counsellor
Pension Liaison Committee