Women Vote ’11

As Sister Marie Kelly, OFL Secretary-Treasurer says, “This election is about basic kitchen table economics! Women are working longer and harder for less and less and are worried about making ends meet. We are worried about putting food on the table. We are worried about sick kids and sick parents. We are worried that the government will continue to balance the budget on our backs while they hand out tax breaks to their banker and corporate friends. Too many women sit down at the kitchen table at night to juggle the bills while carrying the burden of worrying about whether our jobs will be there in the morning.”

We know what matters. Having good jobs, participating in pay equity, having access to pensions and benefits, good health care, affordable, accessible and high quality child care, access to affordable education and ending violence against all women.

Women Vote ’11 is a campaign to encourage women to get out and vote, to engage more women in the election process and to put women’s issues smack dab in the middle of the political agenda.

I invite you to download the excellent OFL-produced poster from the OFL website, to print off the “issue” sheets and perhaps find something in the package to share with women in your workplaces, in your families and in the community in which you live.

Women make up 51% of Ontario’s electorate. Let’s use our vote to give voice to our concerns about our families, our future and our fate as workers in the Ontario economy.

In solidarity, dora PWC



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