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International Women’s Day 8th of March

March 8

International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March in 1857 in New York City, immigrant female garment workers joined hands and marched together in protest of the terrible conditions in which they worked.

Fifty years later, 15,000 women gathered in the streets of New York City to demand the same rights that were denied to their sisters fifty years before. What did they want?

An end to child labour, better pay, working conditions that were safe, and shorter hours of work. Bread and Roses was their slogan then and it is still the battle cry of women today.

We want an end to child poverty, access to early learning and national child care programs, equal pay, access to pension plans and retirement security, better access to Employment Insurance benefits and the creation of a national elder care program. We know that all of this is possible.

IWD events in early March across the country and the province are numerous. visit for complete information. We have much to celebrate!

Drummond/ McGuinty/ Yard Sale Everything must not be sold!!!


Well it seems the McGuinty, Duncan, Drummond Yard Sale is about to begin.
They are wanting to sell stuff they don’t think has value anymore. The problem is, they want to sell stuff that belongs to the citizens of Ontario.
I don’t want to sell this stuff. This stuff brings value to the people of Ontario. This stuff is part of our Common Wealth.

Lets get out there this Friday and tell this minority Government NO!

Here is the list of OPS Operated Service Ontario Counters located in Region 3.

Oshawa Service Area –

Newmarket, 465 Davis Dr, Unit 108
Oshawa, 419 King St West, Unit 401
Whitby, 590 Rossland Rd East
Aurora, 50 Bloomington Rd West
Cobourg, 1005 Elgin St West, unit105

Orillia Service Area –

Barrie, 34 Simcoe St, Unit102
Bracebridge, 15 Dominion St
Huntsville, 207 Main St West
Parry Sound,7 Bay St

Peterborough Service Area –

Peterborough, 300 Water St, Main Floor
Minden, 12698 Highway 35
Bancroft, 50 Monck St
Lindsay, 322 Kent St West

Download and print the flyer (here)

Contact your Executive Board Member for plans in your area.

Pete Wright

Sara Labelle

Gord Longhi

Provincial Women’s Committee 2012 Herstory Calendar

I have a limited number of copies of the 2012 PWC 15-month Herstory calendar (goes until the end of January 2013) that were distributed at the women’s conference in November.  If you are interested in having a copy, please send me a quick email with your mailing address and I will send one out to you.  I may be able to accommodate requests for multiple copies depending on the number.  they are terrific calendars, 6″ x 3.75″ .

I promise not to use your personal mailing address for any other nefarious purpose!  no worries!

In solidarity, dora