Region 3 OPSEU Joins teachers at Rally in Barrie

Energetic Region 3 OPSEU members greeted the rain and Laurel Broten (Liberal Education Minister) in Barrie on Friday morning.   She had come to Barrie  to pose for a photo opportunity at a new school site, the minister was welcomed with jeers and not cheers.  Members of the Barrie and District Labour Council as well as a number of OPSEU members chanted “Negotiate, not legislate!” while Broten attempted to put on a brave face.
She was later quite confrontational when remarks were made about her pension. She responded back saying public sector employees have a 90% pension when we retire.  How we wish that were true!  When you consider that only last week Kathleen Wynne, another caucus member made similarly misinformed remarks.  It is clear that these seemingly intelligent persons have been drinking Dalton’s kool-aid.
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