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Provincial Young Workers take action on a $14 per hour minimum wage

14 Dec 2013 Amanda MontagueReg3logo_col_1inches

Anyone can set up an information picket on a sunny day

Anyone can set up an information picket on a sunny day

Good jobs are under attack and in turn we are seeing more and more people being paid minimum wage. Since 2010 our minimum wage has been frozen at $10.25  an hour while the cost of living has continued to grow. The Provincial Young Workers Committee has joined forces with the Workers Action Centre in the quest to have the minimum wage raised to $14/hr. Fourteen dollars an hour would bring us 10% over the poverty line which in turn would allow people to spend more in their communities and positively increase our economy.PYC12IMG_1321

On Saturday December 14th, the Provincial Young Workers Committee offered free hot chocolate to all those walking past the corners of Dundas and Yonge at the Eaton Centre. We prepared personalized cups stating “Peace, Prosperity and a $14 minimum wage”, while encouraging people to sign the holiday cards to Premier Wynne that the Workers Action Centre had provided. We received hundreds of signatures and gave out over 800 cups of hot chocolate. We hope that everyone will visit and support this important campaign.PYC12IMG_1350 PYC12IMG_1349 PYC12IMG_1344 PYC12IMG_1341 PYC12IMG_1335 PYC12IMG_1334 PYC12IMG_1329